Operation Support

While discussing the possibility of a new co-operation, 4hoteliers will accomplish to a visit in order to determine all the needs of the hotel, by setting the correct quality specifications and operating procedures, as well as the control procedures of the services provided, starting from the operation of each sector and ending up with the needs of the whole unit.

In the framework of our Operating Support package our company offers, among other services, the following:

Hotel Consulting

  • Identification and design of the appropriate pricing policy for each product and service provided by the hotel.
  • Participating in setting up the Analytical Budget of Income Statements for each year of cooperation.
  • Operational procedures and quality standards of each sector.
  • Checking the course of the business during the hotel’s operating hours, through unscheduled and sudden visits (mystery guest) to track the operations and inspect the quality criteria that will have been set.
  • Monthly reports of the results in the form of a study, on the basis of which deviations will be tracked down and discussed, and also suggesting the necessary actions to be taken for improvement.

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